Young Female Bicyclist Fallen Down on Street with Serious Injuries

Why You Should Seek Medical Attention
After an Accident

Landry Law, P.C. April 14, 2022

Your life will change after a car accident, no matter how serious the accident was. You may have to miss work to take your vehicle to be repaired, and that may just be the beginning.

Even if your vehicle only needs small repairs and the accident was relatively minor, you should still seek medical attention after a car accident for several reasons.

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Common Injuries After an Accident

Typical injuries sustained by people who have been in car accidents include:

  • Scrapes and cuts

  • Head injuries (including concussions and bruises to the brain)

  • Soft-tissue injuries (including whiplash, muscle sprains, and damage to the spine)

  • Chest injuries

  • Arm and leg injuries

These are just several of the broad categories of injuries that individuals might sustain in a car accident.

Reasons to Seek Medical Attention Immediately

Two key reasons to seek medical attention after your accident include your health and the need for documentation.

Your Health

First, you should immediately seek medical attention from a qualified healthcare professional because you may not be able to identify all of your own injuries or know how to treat them.

While you may not feel some of your injuries in the shock after the accident, they can impact you later on. In some cases, it takes weeks for symptoms to appear. Seeking medical attention early can help you treat your injuries before they get worse. Don’t wait to see a healthcare professional. Instead, seek medical care as soon as you can to be confident that you’re taking all the right steps toward recovery.

Documentation Purposes

It’s also extremely important to seek medical care after an accident for documentation purposes. When you file an injury claim with the insurance company, you will need proof of your diagnosis.

Additionally, if you do not seek medical care immediately after the accident, the insurance company can use that fact against you. They may argue that because you did not immediately seek medical help, you didn’t take the accident seriously. The insurance company may claim that your injuries weren’t actually that serious, and therefore, you are entitled to less compensation for injuries you received in the accident. This is especially true if you are filing an injury claim against the at-fault driver rather than with your own insurance company.

Following Through With the Treatment Plan

In addition to seeking medical care right after the car accident, you should also follow through with your treatment plan as it is outlined by your healthcare provider. For the sake of your own health, follow the orders your healthcare professional gives you. Rest, take any necessary prescribed medication, and do any prescribed physical therapy. Take the right steps to help yourself along the road to recovery.

It is also essential to follow through with your treatment plan so that you have all the documentation you need. The insurance companies may require this further documentation, and it may help your case when it comes to determining your financial compensation.

Trust in the Experience of Landry Law, P.C.

You may be tempted to skip seeing the doctor after a car accident; however, it’s important to seek medical care immediately for the sake of your own health and your case. At Landry Law, P.C., we can guide you through the entire injury claim process. We’re dedicated to protecting your rights. Landry Law, P.C. represents clients in Lone Tree, Colorado, as well as Trinidad, Denver, Douglas County, Castle Pines, and Castle Rock. Contact us to schedule a consultation.